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Thread: 5200 automatic/scheduled shutdown?

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    5200 automatic/scheduled shutdown?

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first message, so first of all, hi everyone!

    Although this is not the best way to get to know people, unfortunately my first post
    is about a technical question

    Since I have no feedback from Thecus support, I found this forum and decided to give it
    a try, so here goes:

    I have a 5200R unit that is powered by an UPS. The UPS is connected/managed by a PC,
    which in case of power failure is shut down gracefully by the UPS software. It would be great if
    I could include a script or command of some sort to shutdown the 5200 unit as well,
    but I found nothing in the documentation. Any ideas ??

    Best regards

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    Due to the OS difference via script or command would make system more complex, but the N5200 have web item & serial port linking to UPS, thus following UPS support link for your reference:

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    This may or may not help, but there is a module which you could install onto the N5200 called "SHUTDOWN" (more info at Thecus Wiki page, can't post links yet, and I can't access site atm)
    If you get a script to run on the PC to login to the N5200 as SHUTDOWN when the PC detects a power failure, this would shut it down.
    I don't know if the software that talks to the UPS can run a bat file before it shuts the PC down (or a script), but it might be worth a look.

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