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Thread: N5200 Degraded

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    Unhappy N5200 Degraded

    Hi community,

    for months now I suffer from the problem that my Thecus N 5200 degrades the Raid 01. I have the following setup:

    Thecus N5200
    Raid 01
    2 Disks: HDD 3.5" Maxtor 500GB 6H500F0 7200U/m 16MB, Firmware HA43
    Disk Power Management: 30 Minutes.
    Firmware: 1.00.08

    As I have read before somewhere, that it is always the 2nd disk that fails. I only see the log message: 2007/06/30 09:47:01 N5200 : [Disk sdb] UUID[raid1;fd292fda:ea10370f:1b713098:5b3849cb;Sat Jan 8 14:15:29 2000].

    Today I rebuilt my Raid 01 and only some minutes later it would be degraded again. Could this be a hint that disk power management leads to degraded Raid (just a thought)?

    I am seriously thinking about returning this device as I don't trust this degrading box. Would it be an option to purchase three additional disks and switch to Raid 5?

    There has to be an ssh login to see more logs than the ones of the web interface. Does anybody know it.

    kind regards,

    Achim Westermann

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    Dear Sir,

    Following suggestion for your refernce:
    1. Take this HDD into PC and check the HDD status from Maxtor® MaxBlast or PowerMax.
    2. Change this HDD into other slot to verify it issue from N5200 hardware or HDD.


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