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Thread: N2050 WinXP won't recognise eSata

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    N2050 WinXP won't recognise eSata

    I have N2050 and love it so much, it's too bad that I cannot use the eSata connection (I use Promise TX4302). I've tried update the WIndows or went through the Control Panel without no success. I asked in other forums and I got a reply that it's a common problem with N2050 not recognising eSata.
    And I haven't found any solutions from anywhere so far, not even from the Thecus website.

    I'm hoping to get a solution here as my last resort.

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    The Promise TX4302 use the SATA chip from promise self, but N2050 using the Silicon Image chip thus for better compatibility you could try the eSATA card use with Silicon Image chip serial 3114/3124/3132/3512/3531 , as like this using the sil 3124

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