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Thread: NSync Questions

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    Question NSync Questions

    I'm looking at purchasing some combination of 1U4500's and N5200Pro's. My scenario is as follows: My Developer lives in California, I am in Texas, and our ISP/Colocated Server is in Texas. I want to have off-site "backups", particularly between me and the developer.

    Can NSync be configured to syncronize accross a WAN? Can it resolve for DHCP addresses, or would I need to have Static IP's?
    If so, can 3 or more units participate in multi-way syncronization?



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    Daer Sirs,

    1. We can connect the NSYNC on the WAN.
    2. Recommand the static IP will be better...
    3. The sync by tasks item, we could assign several tasks, the raks would execute 1 by 1 thus only 1 task is running each time.


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