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Thread: Long Filnames with MAC's and AlphaV8(DOS Database)

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    Question Long Filnames with MAC's and AlphaV8(DOS Database)

    Have a Thecus N5200 updated with the latest firmware. My MAC users cannot see filenames longer than 12 characters. The filenames display correctly for my Windows users in Explorer. However, I also have a few users that use an old DOS database program (Alpha version 8) and files/directories with names longer than 8 characters display as a scrambled filename/dirname of 8 characters (first character is the same as original filename/dirname). Although they can traverse through these directories with the weird names, it is a strange oddity and less than desireable.
    Has anyone else run into this and have a fix??

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    Dear Sir,

    About MAC the connect tyoe would result to difference behavior:
    Thus please verify it is lik buy AFP or SMB from MAC to N5200, and the MAC OS is 9 or above will be better, alos please provide us more inforamtion if still get same issue on it.

    About DOS , due to the OS limitaion on DOS & Windows 95/98, the file name support up to 8 characters, the totle file & folder name may have a problem when it is longer than 12 characters.

    Following N5200 release note for your reference:


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