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Thread: 5200 PRO powers up at 06:00 on its own

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    5200 PRO powers up at 06:00 on its own

    We have auto power down set for 02:00 every day and the 5200Pro is powered up either manually or by a "magic" Wake Up On Lan packet. This is a new machine using the latest firmware (non beta) but the Thecus has powered up on it's own at approx 06:01 every day since we installed it despite no "Power On" settings in Power Management and no "magic packet" sent at 06:01 over the LAN.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Many thanks for this very useful board.
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    Re: 5200 PRO powers up at 06:00 on its own

    Dear Sir,

    If we confirm the Schedule Power On/Off is disabled, and no other PC send the packet to triggered the WOL function, if possible please try to remove all of netwrok cable from N5200 to verify this symptom come from network or N5200 itself.


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