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Thread: N5200 an load balancing conection?

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    N5200 an load balancing conection?


    I have planed to buy a Thecus N5200.
    I like like to use the 802.3ad based load balancing function for a double connection.
    The N5200 has 2 Network ports 1 WAN and 1 LAN.

    My network architecture is:

    in the basement
    1 ADSL Router with 4 10/100 Switch Ports and it's always power on.
    1 Thecus N5200 it's is always power on.

    1st. floor
    1 Switch 8x 10/100/1000 Ports it's sometimes power on.
    4 PC's it's sometimes power on.

    Standart I like to connect the N5200 with the Switch 1st. floor.
    For access from Internet I like to connect the N5200 with the ADSL Router.
    In the time there the 1000er Switch 1st. floor is power off the N5200 has a connection to internet over the 100er Port from the ADSL Modem.
    Will I got problems in my network with this configuration?

    Greetings, Thorsten:-)
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    Re: N5200 an load balancing conection?

    Dear Sir,

    The the load balancing which menas we need connet the WAN & LAN to a HUB which supported 802.3ad. In your case the N5200 WAN port could link to the ADSL Router & The LAN port connect to the 1st. foller switch.
    and the WAN & LAN IP must in difference segment.


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