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Thread: Thecus N2050 Incompatible with Samsung HDDs?

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    Thecus N2050 Incompatible with Samsung HDDs?

    I just bought another N2050 from Scan and threw in my two Samsung HD501LJ's in there but when i power it up the orange light blinks for a while but the HD activity LED's don't blink at all. Then it goes into RAID building done mode (HD power LED's glow and nothing else). Im guessing my hard drives are incompatible, is that so? In windows it detects the disk and its unreadable (eSata card says the drive is 144 petabytes!)

    I would apreciate any help, thank you!

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    Re: Thecus N2050 Incompatible with Samsung HDDs?

    Dear Sir,

    Following suggestion for your reference:
    1. Confirm all partition removed from 2 HDDs.
    2. Install the HDD to N2050->Power up N2050->Waiting until any LED stop to blinking / If your N2050have a "INIT" button please press the button->Plug the USB cable between N2050 & PC.
    3. From “My Computer” icon -> Manage -> Disk Management to make partition & format.

    4. If above deson't wokting, please add change the RAID mode switch before the step 2.

    If need moe information & picture, please mail to


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