Hi all,

I am trying to create an installable module file for a backup server application,
but i have encountered a problem on installation as the module file is very large in size (> 300M).

The backup server itself is of size > 300M including everything.

I have tried to create the module file (OBS.mod) by including everything and
the final OBS.mod is of size >300M.

The Module Mgnt allowed me to upload the file but after about 2.5 minutes time the Web page
refresh and the OBS.mod is NOT installed.

I have tried to create a minimal OBS.mod by removing those large files and
the final OBS.mod file is around 80M.

The Module Mgnt allowed me to upload the file and i can install the module
successfully with the 80M OBS.mod.

I have tried serveral times to figure out the module file size limit and it seems that
the module file should be < 120M or the web page will timeout.

Does anybody have some similar experience on the module size issue?

This is the template file i am working on: