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Thread: n5200PRO iSCSI change partition

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    Question n5200PRO iSCSI change partition

    I recently purchased and setup the n5200PRO with 4 Seagate 750's, RAID5, using Mac Pro OS X, gigabit switch . . . and I really like the box so far. I set up 75% space using RAID5 via SMB/AFP and other 25% for iSCSI to test.

    I have a few questions regarding iSCSI:

    1) Can I change this partition after intial setup without loosing data on RAID5? For instance, can I remove iSCSI partition (I'm ok with loosing this data), and re-allocate space 100% for RAID5, all without loosing exsisting data on RAID5?

    2) Has anyone had success with iSCSI/n5200/Mac OSX? I tried free globalSAN software with no success. I was able to get it working no problem using Windows XP + Microsoft iSCSI initiator under Parallel's virtualization.

    3) Is the iSCSI partition also RAID5, meaning if a drive fails and I rebuild RAID, will data on iSCSI also rebuild.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: n5200PRO iSCSI change partition

    Daer Sir,

    1. Current firmware can't support change the iSCSI partition to RAID data, only create an new RAID volume and than reassign the partition, also we woudl try to improve this function on new version firmware but would waiting to 2008.....

    2. Current we didn't get any news about iSCSI on MAC OSX......

    3. Yes, all DATA/iSCSI/Target USB partitions under RAID volume.


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