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Thread: N4100 does not boot.

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    N4100 does not boot.


    My N4100 has been switched off and then back on again and does not fully boot.

    I have a blue light on the top light and no green lights, and blue lights on each drive. I do not hear any beeps and the drives are not checked in sequence.

    I cannot see this device on the network at all.

    I have tried changing the memory and cmos battery with no luck.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: N4100 does not boot.

    Dear Sir,

    Please try with following steps to reset default setting, if reset process doesn't working, we have to contact with reseller for RMA service.

    1. Don't insert any HDDs into the N4100 system. Attach the power cord and then reset the
    IP address and admin password to the default settings.
    a) Power on the N4100 and immediately press the Reset button for 30 seconds.
    b) This resets the N4100 to its default IP address and password settings.
    Default IP:
    Default admin password: admin
    2. Insert at least one HDD into the N4100 system, attach the power cord and connect it to
    the local network.
    3. Turn on the N4100 system and check the front panel LED behavior. The power LED
    should glow blue after power button pressed. About 40 seconds later, the busy LED
    starts blinking orange for around 20 seconds. If the power LED glows blue but the busy
    LED never blinks, the firmware may be corrupted during improper firmware upgrade
    procedures. It means the motherboard doesn't work any more and need to be repaired.
    4. Access the login webpage from a local PC or Notebook.
    5. Check if the Admin login webpage shows up and works fine. Then check if the system
    status is normal and HDD power LED works fine. In case the results are positive, it
    means the N4100 system is OK. Otherwise, the N4100 is damaged.
    6. Suppose the N4100 is bad. If the power LED glows blue and both system and power fans
    work fine after power button pressed, the motherboard needs to be checked and
    repaired. Otherwise, the power supply unit has problems.


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