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Thread: (Maybe presales question) How to connect an UPS to N5200(PRO)

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    (Maybe presales question) How to connect an UPS to N5200(PRO)


    please excuse the maybe dumb question, but I have currently still no NS5200 at hands for doing own experiments, only the manual. Insofar it is a presales question.

    Where do I connect any UPSes to the NS5200(PRO)? I assume to the serial port which is explained as "for factory use only"? If yes, this is a flaw in the manual.

    As in the compatibility list are enough "dumb" UPSes which just have switching contacts for power good, power fail, battery low (like the Online P-Series) I would like to know how to connect physically other, not listed UPSes or similar devices which such switching contacts.

    Precisely said, I would like to connect my Online Zinto D1400R, which is not listed, but which has similar switching contacts as the Online P-Series, but just with another pinout, and maybe I would like to use a fire alarm system "emulating" an UPS to shut down the NS5200 properly.

    Is there any cabling diagram available which pin on N5200(PRO) serial port is for which UPS signal, thus we could make a custom cable, maybe a switch box with optocouplers for the fire alarm system etc...
    And which UPS type should I select in the N5200 Web GUI?

    BTW, does anybody have a good link or a FAQ list which describe the UPS protocols mentioned in the manual?
    o SEC protocol
    o Generic RUPS model
    o Generic RUPS 2000 (Megatec M2501 cable)
    o PhoenixTec protocol
    o Safenet software

    Thanks in advance, best regards
    Matthias Mansfeld

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    Re: (Maybe presales question) How to connect an UPS to N5200(PRO)

    Daer Sir,

    Could verify following N5200 UPS compatibility list and check the protocol from list which you conversant with.


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