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Thread: Transfer data

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    Transfer data


    My Thecus N5200 has four drives installed (one free slot).

    I bought an extra HD of 250GB to transfer some data from the NAS to this HD.

    I don't have an Esata exclosure.

    I thought the fastest way to copy these files from the NAS to the HD is putting this HD in the NAS and copy all the files.

    When all the files are transferred can I use this HD in my Windows PC to use the copied files?

    I can of course transfer these files over the LAN but this goes by 20MB/sec.

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    Re: Transfer data

    No, in my opinion this will not work.
    a) the filesystem in the N5200 used is ext3 - a linux filesystem which can't be read out of the box from any windows version (there exists some ext3 device drivers for windows, which may be used for reading ext3 formatted disks)
    b) the non pro N5200 version is in any way not enabled to have more than one RAID enabled, so you can't separate these disks from the others
    c) if You have the pro version, then it is possible to define the extra disk as extra RAID or JBOD, but for reading it You would need a linux box with the approbiate software installed (i.e lvm - logical volume manager)


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