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    Question Workgroup Change

    I have a 5200BPro & a N299. These were both set to workgroup "ABCDE" and I attempted to change them to workgroup "FGHIJ". This was done through the wed browser and the Network summary of both shows:

    I then shutdown and restarted both devices.

    However they both still show in workgroup "ABCDE".

    Any ideas as to why and how I can get them both in workgroup "FGHIJ"?


    Strange. Looking at the log on the 5200 it shows "Server name was changed from N5200 to" but I did not apply a server name change. It also shows "Changed LAN1 network setting, DHCP setting = ON" yet I made no change to the DHCP setting. Very strange.

    Resolved. I was asked to upgrade to the latest firmware for both systems and in checking the configuration after made the changes to the new workgroup and it has been successful. To be honest, it was probably user error
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