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Thread: N2100 - need it to do basic tasks, it just refuses

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    N2100 - need it to do basic tasks, it just refuses


    Please help! i have come to you guys as an act of final desperation, i purchased a n2100 about three weeks ago and have spent countless hours trying to make it `simplyfy my life` but it is only turning into a tremendoudsley difficult struggle

    heres what i need it to:

    1) Store my media files in easy to use file locations
    2) Connect and interact with my new popcorn hour media player for playing of aforementioned files
    2) Download and seed files from bittorrent

    Not too difficult you might say? 3 weeks in i would have to disagree

    Allow me to elaborate (please note i have no Unix programming skills whatsoever):

    1) I have variouse external HD`s of wich the N2100 is the natural replacement, have used the push-button copy function to copy the files across, however the Thecus box has stored them in the most ridiculouse file path someting along the lines of: /raid/usbhd/3/1/my_folder_names
    i would prefer to have them arranged in my previouse and more rememberable music, movies, apps, docs etc, etc.. that isnt the most important thing tho..

    2) with my new pocorn hour media player, i can see the thecus in the device list, browse and map the folders in the PCH via smb, find the files.. but the damn thing just wont play the files from my thecus, no problem with playing the same files from my usb connected HD`s, just sems like the SMB isnt working properly, finding but not playing.. this shoud `just work` right??
    Can i use NFS? how do i do that?

    3) have managed the downloading part using rtorrent, files all claim to be seeding and the appropriate ports are set on the client opened, but still it is seen as uncontactable from the outside world, when there is no reason for it to be. this third part isnt so important its the popcorn hour thing wich is turing into the last straw for this device

    its only simple things i need this device to do, but at the moment it just doenst seem capable of doing what it advertises... please help me!!!!

    (sorry for the overdramatic message!)

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    Re: N2100 - need it to do basic tasks, it just refuses

    Other things that my Thecus N2100 wont do..

    Unable to install DLNA module
    moblock module doesnt work
    when browsing to the Yes box IP i get a blank screen now
    wtorrent/ntorrent gui`s frequently cannot contact the rtorrent module

    in fact, the only things that do work is mapping foolders to my windows p.c and and the firefly module for itunes.. the rest is well, a headache at best..

    i could go on but lets please focus on he important issue the PCH SMB connectivity this is what one of the senior people on the popcorn hour forum says about the issue:

    RE: new PCH wont play any files from my NAS
    This is really very strange Huh

    Im afraid I have no experience with the Thecus NAS and no idea what could be causing this.
    Does the Thecus NAS have some configuration for Jumbo frames ? if so turn it off.

    FYI - i have done a factory reset on the Thecus and the PCH is new out of the ox..

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    Re: N2100 - need it to do basic tasks, it just refuses

    Dear Sir,

    1. Some user would via HUB to attach more USB device/driver on N2100 fro various application, and each USB driver would with 2 or more partition, thus why we saw the path: /raid/usbhd/3/1/my_folder_names , the 3 means 3rd install USB device and the 1 means first partition for must environment need.
    2. We have no the pocorn hour media player to verify the compatibility with N2100, and pocorn hour media player WEB site doesn't specify the DLNA/MEDIA SERVER or MEDIA BOLIC compatible, if it is only via SMB to access data, please try from PC to play file on N2100, to verify it is compatible issue from N2100 or pocorn hour media player.
    3. Current the Thecus have 2 kinds module:
    A. Thecus release offical version from Thecus WEB site, verify from Thecus and included with Thecus support & warranty.
    B. End user made module as like form Thecus WIKI, it is end user made by itself without veify from Thecus or included with potential risk, thus Thecus afraid to provide the warranty or support on this.
    4. If need the downlaod mamange & DLNA function, we would recommend remove all of modules or reset ot factory default, and than please verify the N2100 firmware is V2.01.10 and installed following module from Thecus WEB site:

    Latest firmware: v2.01.10
    Release note:
    Upgrade procedure:
    Download link:
    FAQ: FAQ 2006-04-28.pdf

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