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Thread: synchronization - .pureftpd-upload.12345.12.123 ???

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    Question synchronization - .pureftpd-upload.12345.12.123 ???

    Dear Thecus-Support

    I use a Thecus N5200B-Pro as data store for my backups. I create the backups with Symantec BackupExecSystemRecovery 8. I take a whole snapshot from the C- and D-Drive.

    C-Drive-image is about 17GB
    D-Drive-image is about 65GB

    Up to this point everything works perfect. But to take the Data out of the Company I thought I could synchronize the data-Folder form the N5200 with Thecus N299 over NSync.

    Small files can be transferred successfully but not these big files. Here comes the Problem. After the synchronization the synchronized files are named as .pureftpd-upload.?????.???. Here some Examples:


    The sizes of these files are from 12 to 15 GB's. So i think the files are to big. One option is to split the images into smaller files but i don't really like to do this.

    Of course i googled a lot and found the following answer:
    - Switch the packet-size to 1420 Byte.

    But i do not know where to change this Setting.

    What can I do?

    THX for your support



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    Re: synchronization - .pureftpd-upload.12345.12.123 ???


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