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Thread: "Assemble RAID" for ages...

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    "Assemble RAID" for ages...

    I own a N4100PRO unit and love the available features and the responsiveness from the Thecus technical support, but... I've had 2 failure resulting in loss of web interface access to the unit, and constantly encounter a problem (after reboot) where the system sits at "Assemble RAID" for at least an hour after a power cycle. It will do this even if all of the hard drives are removed. This is an excessive amount of time to waste while trying to troubleshoot RAID and config issues. Any solutions out there?

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    Re: "Assemble RAID" for ages...

    Dear Sir,

    Would you please provide us more detail infromation about this N4100PRO? thus we just able help su to found what the possible reason on this N4100PRO.
    Also if you need technical from Thecus you could visit following link:


    Contact with directly.

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