I have 5 little issues with my N5200Pro that I am hoping that with your help I can resolve fairly simply and quickly, so thanks in advance to those who help me solve them. I currently have firmware 2.00.12 installed on the N5200Pro.

Issue 1: When transferring files on the N5200Pro between folders, using a desktop PC (the folders on the N5200Pro are assigned as Network Drives on the desktop PC), the USB wireless mouse (Logitech G7) attached to the PC becomes very unresponsive and occasionally freezes. The desktop is running XP SP3.

Issue 2: When using Windows Media Player 11 or MediaMonkey to tag MP3 files, stored on the N5200Pro, the information updates within the software on the desktop PC but either takes forever or not at all to update the actual MP3 file.

Issue 3: When trying to sync files, specifically photos, with a laptop (Vista), I get the following error messages, "An unexpected network error occurred" and "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".

Issue 4: Again on the laptop, I have the Photo folder view set to large icons so that I can see a thumbnail of the photos but it takes for ages for the picture to actually appear, in the meantime you get the standard Vista JPEG icon. The photos are stored on the N5200Pro.

Issue 5: I have the MLdonkey module installed on the N5200Pro and when either rebooting or starting the system up, I always have to re-enable the module so that it recommences unfinished downloads despite the fact module managment console says that it is already enabled.

Again, many thanks in advance for your assistance!