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Thread: 5200 Pro: Disk has SMART Warning - Thecus-Msg "Not enough Space"

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    Unhappy 5200 Pro: Disk has SMART Warning - Thecus-Msg "Not enough Space"

    Hi all,

    my problem is that one disk (of five) has an SMART Error: Current Pending Sector = 1. But this sector doesn't disappear. Even after days and some reboots it's still there.
    The RAID is shown as healthy but I can't change any data on the folders. The message is "There is not enough space on the device" - but of cause there is still a lot of space left.

    What can I do to reset the Current Pending Sector?

    The RAID was running months without a problem.

    Some Data:
    N5200 Pro - v2.00.14

    2 / 476,940 / WD5000ABYS-01TNA / 12.0 / Warning

    Tray Number 2
    Model WD5000ABYS-01TNA
    Power On Hours 2822 Hours
    Temperature Celsius 25
    Reallocated Sector Count 0
    Current Pending Sector 1
    Raw Read Error Rate 0
    Seek Error Rate 0
    Hardware ECC Recovered N/A



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    Re: 5200 Pro: Disk has SMART Warning - Thecus-Msg "Not enough Space"

    Dear Sir,

    The SMART value come from HDD itself testing, the Current Pending Sector means HDD found a sector going to bad sector soon, thus HDD marked this sector pervent this sector going to worse, so the Reallocated Sector Count means bad sector, and the Reallocated Sector Count & Current Pending Sector both an un-erased value.

    While we copy on to N5200 but system showing "There is not enough space on the device", please verify this folder with QUOTA config ot not, we could verify from STORAGE->FOLDER->EDIT to verify the folder config, if it is not quota issue, please download the CONF.BIN and provide this file from to analysis for you.


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