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I would like to confirm that I have sent back my Thecus 2200 and am waiting for my replacement NAS. I have decided to spend more to hopefully get something that will work!! If your interested I went for the QNAP TS-239 Pro II , which by all accounts is one of the best at £300. We'll have to see.

So goodluck to the rest of you who may still be having problems with the N2200.


Good on you !!

I'm currently harassing my vendor to give me either cash or some alternative. Anything to get rid of mine by this time. (I'm already trying to set this unit up for some 2~3 months now. Thecus has confirmed they won't have full win7 compatibility for at least another half a year even though the specs claim compatibility. )

I had a brief 'flash' of an idea to put a cheap €49 mini ITX board inside but alas it won't fit and there's a non standard PSU inside these boxes so that's where that idea ends.....