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Thread: Help 4100+ gone bad

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    Help 4100+ gone bad

    Hi all im hoping someone can help me with my problem my nas seems to of had a turn for the worse it basicly still works kinda, well the server still shows on the network tho has some errors in the files but nothing too serious tho it does seem some of the files have duplicated themselves only certain files but the ones that have, have duplicated about 20 times weird, also the real problem is the login screen if it was on my pc id say the graphics card has gone, but im wondering if some script somewhere has gone wrong ive added screen shots to show you what i mean,

    Once ive logged in and im on the admin page i cant perform any tasks other than change the language and log out which isnt too helpful to say the least !!!
    I have performed a reset but obviously in my situation i don't think this will help, i fortunately still have ftp access, and the ssh modual is still operational, tho i would like to point out ive never actually used any commands on the cmd promt other than 'reboot' to test it works ok, which it does,
    It was working fine a few days ago as ive been transferring data from it, i have a funny feeling it could be to do with another server ive just recently built from scratch and im wondering if its interacted with the 4100 on my network somehow and messed it up, i have been trying out different os on the newly built one, which include freenas, openfiler, windows server 2003 and 2008, i dont think this is a hardware issue looks to me more like software but of course i could be wrong, any help with this id be extremely grateful, maybe a reset back to factory setting will do it but this would have to performed via ssh, or maybe a complete reinstall of the thecus firmware if its possible via ssh ????
    It has the latest firmware 2.00.5 or something like that, has 4 tb harddrives inside on a raid 5 config, and has been working fine for just over a year, there is no flashing red lights or abnormal beeping all seems fine, i have also opened a ticket at the website but awaiting a reply, if anyone could offer advice in the mean time i would be greatful.

    Regards Trebour

    Hmm ok this real weird i thought id test the remote admin i have installed via dns so i can connect to webmin from any computer and its working perfectly, its just when i connect to it locally, phew (wipes sweat off brow) ok still a small problem but not so bad as the server being corrupt, im still open to sujestions about this tho
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