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Thread: BUG found in my N5500 e N2200 and declared speed verify

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    Question BUG found in my N5500 e N2200 and declared speed verify

    Hi guys,

    With this post I want report some BUG (I think) for N5500 e N2200 with FW 3.00.06 (and below)

    1) HD poweroff issue (same in N5500 e N2200 - Seagate ST31500341AS e ST31500541AS LP)
    When HD poweroff feature is enabled (ex. 30 min) hard disks enter in poweroff state after few minutes (1-3) and cause very dangerous cycling trough poweroff/on.
    Disable option need reboot Nas not only apply new setting.

    2) Usb copy module in N5500
    When usb copy module to copy files form usb to Nas, if destination selected is not in master raid set, files however copied in master raid set but files result inaccessible (not visible trough share) wasting a lot of space without any possibility to delete

    for example:

    2 raid-1 set with 2 share, RAIDSET1 (principal) and RAIDSET1, if i use usb copy module to copy files from external unit to RAIDSET1, after process is finished without error, no files is present in RAIDSET1 but same space is wasted on RAIDSET1 without any way to recovery !!!

    3) already reported and confirmed from Thecus, for N5500 unable to change samba workgroup without activate ADS (N5500 default MYGROUP, N2200 default WORKGROUP).

    4) not a bug but speed verify
    With smb/cif and windows7 (using cross cable or giga switch with noblocking architecture and support for jumbo frame, link aggregation and more....) N5500 report for large file transfer (>4gb) this max speed:

    R/W 68/55 mb/s (30mb/s share to share) same +or- for FTP e NFS

    ... comparative chart claim to 90mb/s for samba... (besides jumbo frame and link aggregation not have any appreciable effects to this results).

    N2000 (R/W smb/cif 16/14 mb/s) instead, using FTP service speed up to R/W 34/25 mb/s.

    Anyone have best results?
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