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Thread: n5200b pro - Any way to get 100% space for iSCSI?

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    n5200b pro - Any way to get 100% space for iSCSI?

    I think the title says it all!

    I have just switched my main file server from an SMB share on the Thecus, to using a Win 2k8 R2 server, and transferred all data off the Thecus to the windows box (now using SMB2 attaching from Win7 clients - which is rapid!). I now want to re-use the Thecus box for iSCSI storage to house backup data, attaching it to the windows box using iSCSI Initiator in Win 2k8. I am therefore not interested in any space for a File share on the Thecus, but would like to allocate all space to be dedicated iSCSI.

    The Thecus GUI doesn't seem to allow this configuration as it doesn't provide use of the Space allocation button until an array exists (which is sensible), but to create an array you have to allocate at least 1% of space for DATA, which means there is only 99% space left for the iSCSI. I know its not much of a loss, but I really have no use for this wasted 1% (or 28GB in my case) of space. Any way of setting it up for 100% iSCSI use?

    Thanks in advance,

    Paul A

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    Re: n5200b pro - Any way to get 100% space for iSCSI?

    Dear pjamedia,

    At least 1% of data space has to be allocated. You will not be able to allocate 100% iSCSI target volume.


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