this is thread which i will post suggestions for the next release of the N2200 DLM2, hopefully thecus will be able to take some of the suggestions onborad

1 being able to acces the client without loggin to into the admin interface of the NAS, ie an address like http://NAS/BT which then prompts you to login and you can access the client

2 the abilty to schedule peek and off peek downloads

3 an option to automaticly clean torrents once they have finished downloading

4 the ability to have custom folders for each torrent ie if im downloading some linux builds it would go into the linux folder, however if im downloading some unix builds it would go into the unix folder automaticly

5 a update to the way the client does its refreash, to me it seems the page can only display 3 torrents at a time any more than that and it wont display for a good 25 sec then the client refreashes again and it goes away

6 the abilty to pause all and resume all torrents

i would also encourage everyone add any other ideas they have here.

if you would like me to explain further please let me know

thanks for you support and merry xmas!