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Thread: Topic: new Beta-FW solves SMB-Bug! N2100

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    Topic: new Beta-FW solves SMB-Bug! N2100

    The recently uploaded beta finally solves the problem of linux clients not be able to mount Samba shares.
    Now - after more than a year - I start using my NAS as I originally intended to!
    download at *ttp://*

    N2100 beta firmware V2.01.11.3

    1. This is just a beta, not official release.
    2. Fixed the file name encoding issue when FTP upload files
    with CJK filename onto the NAS thru IE (ftp://<NAS_IP>).
    3. Added Gmail TLS support for Email Notification.
    4. Added code page CP1251 and KOI8-R support in FTP.
    5. Changed the file size of a single photo from 4MB to 10 MB
    in Photo Album.
    6. Upgraded Samba to v3.0.37 to fix the access issue under linux
    via SMB/CIFS.
    7. File info:
    2009/12/29 20:03 14,425,360 N2100_FW_2.01.11.3.bin
    MD5(N2100_FW_2.01.11.3.bin)= ad75561ebc109dd6fbd3f204740fb0e4

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    Re: Topic: new Beta-FW solves SMB-Bug! N2100

    Oh my god, 1 year, that's rediculous!

    Thanks for sharing your findings !!
    From what I can gather this is the exact same problem I am having with my N2200 (although its with Windows 7). It needs a Samba upgrade in order to support the higher encryption level.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that thecus will copy the Samba update across sometime soon cause otherwise I don't quite know what I'm going to do yet but it may not be pretty.

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