We have a Thecus 1U4500, using NFS to mount a directory under RedHat. The mount is the voicemail directory for Asterisk. ie reading and writing voicemails for about 900 phones.

We had a similar setup with an old Intel NAS box that worked perfectly.

The problem we are having is that the VM messages (in wav format) are not recording properly. If we record to the local Filesystem, to another NFS box or to the Thecus using CIFS then the problem goes away. The wav files are recorded such that they speed up and by the end sound like chipmunks.

We have two clusters of servers setup each using a different Thecus box (same version and firmware) we can recreate the problem every time.

Has anyone seen similar issues or any thoughts on a soluttion

We have firmware 2.00.16 and we have tried NFS ver 2 and 3 with no luck.

Again if we use a different NFS box, or use the Thecus in CIFS mode the problem goes away.