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Thread: N4200 Experience

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    N4200 Experience

    Saw the video clip on Youtube about the new 4 bay NAS from Thecus, the N4200. Like the new Intel Atom D510 and some nice features, I decided to give it a try.

    I installed the new firmware 3.01.04 and love the new log in page. Different from the old UI.

    After logging in, they add the “My Favorite” page and use icons. And I can add my commonly used shortcut on this page.

    The color looks better but rest of the UI is the same. It is better than no change.

    Now the most important thing is the performance of the ATOM D510. I just used simple drag and drop on my Windows XP.

    Copy to N4200: 61MB/s

    Copy from N4200: 52MB/s

    Compare with Intel NAS Performance Toolkit from Thecus

    I expected more powerful than that because of my poor PC. I will need a faster PC to get the real performance on N4200 . Look on the forum and people say with Windows 7, it is a lot faster.

    Another reason that got my attention is that t backup battery (it is a Li-ion battery comes within the package). Basically, if there is unexpected power loss, the battery can still provide power to make sure the system shuts down properly. So no harm is done on the data, task, and system. I removed the power adapter and the battery works.

    Its display on top has very good resolution and convenient. It also has Dual DOM. It is like a auto repair mechanism on the device. Even no chance to use this feature, but still nice to know it is there.

    Now I am only waiting for Thecus to put on the modules (download, webserver & MySQL, IP cam etc).

    Good thing that I saw the video.
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    Re: N4200 Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by ineedjob View Post
    Now I am only waiting for Thecus to put on the modules (download, webserver & MySQL, IP cam etc)
    Not only these, also an SSH module (like the N5200 and N5200 Pro) would be very nice to have to be able to login via putty i.e. Otherwise I don't know how to move folders around internally and everything should go via a computer/network instead.

    I can confirm IP cam module 1.09 for the N5200/N5200 pro works fine on the N4200.

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