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Thread: N4200 issues with WDC WD15EARS-00Z harddisks

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    N4200 issues with WDC WD15EARS-00Z harddisks

    Dear Thecus support,

    Being aware that the WDC WD15EARS-00Z harddisk have a new type of format (4k instead of 512b sectors) and is not on the N4200 harddisk compatibility list yet, I've bought these and tested it for all of us

    The two harddisks are in RAID-1 configuration and the N4200 is connected via 802.3ad on a GB switch with 802.3ad enabled.

    Transfer rates are very inconsistent, going up to 50mb/s and every few seconds data transfer is stopping completely.

    Two other aged disks, Samsung F1 500gb, are in RAID-0 and transfer rates are stable on 95mb/s to 105mb/s so the unit can handle more.

    Can you please develop some new firmware to be compatible with 4k harddisks? This will probably be the next generation disk layout for all future harddisks, so that will be good for your products to keep up with that.

    Kind regards

    Update: Erased my array, put the Windows XP compatible jumper on both drives, recreated a RAID-1 array but still big dips in transfer speed although average seems a bit better. Hopefully a firmware update will fix it, although it will probably be needed to start with a brand new RAID-set.

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    Re: N4200 issues with WDC WD15EARS-00Z harddisks

    I bought the N4200 over a week ago. I've tested it with different drives and I've noticed the same problem with the WD15EARS. Slow speed and sometimes it stops for a few seconds. Seagate and Samsung drives do not show the same behavior.
    I updated the firmware to the beta version but the transfer rate is still low compared to the other disks. I would not recommend the WD15EARS drives for this unit.

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