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Thread: So why not NTFS usb write support when other nas do?

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    So why not NTFS usb write support when other nas do?

    Why no NTFS writer support on USB drives? seems stupid when most NAS drives now support atleast Captive NTFS most of which are open source (free) with some better ones being commerical

    theres a wiki on it.. Thecus support please look into this since.. all these options are now available captive ntfs is on freecom nas and works like a charm.. note they state only old defunct linux distros
    dont support ntfs WRITE



    The ability to read and write to NTFS is provided by the NTFS-3G driver. It is included in most Linux distributions. Other outdated and mostly read-only solutions exist as well:

    * Linux kernel 2.2: Kernel versions 2.2.0 and later include the ability to read NTFS partitions
    * Linux kernel 2.6: Kernel versions 2.6.0 and later contain a driver written by Anton Altaparmakov (University of Cambridge) and Richard Russon. It supports file read, overwrite and resize.
    * NTFSMount: A read/write userspace NTFS driver. It provides read-write access to NTFS, excluding writing compressed and encrypted files, changing file ownership, and access rights.[25]
    * Tuxera NTFS: High-performance read/write commercial kernel driver, mainly targeted for embedded devices from Tuxera Ltd which also develops the open source NTFS-3G driver.
    * NTFS for Linux: A commercial driver with full read/write support available as free and non-free download(s) from Paragon Software Group.
    * Captive NTFS: A 'wrapping' driver which uses Windows' own driver, ntfs.sys.

    Note that all three userspace drivers, namely NTFSMount, NTFS-3G and Captive NTFS, are built on the Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE), a Linux kernel module tasked with bridging userspace and kernel code to save and retrieve data. Almost all drivers listed above (except Paragon NTFS for Linux) are open source (GPL). Due to the complexity of internal NTFS structures, both the built-in 2.6.14 kernel driver and the FUSE drivers disallow changes to the volume that are considered unsafe, to avoid corruption.
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