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Thread: SOHOUSB Magic Bridge

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    SOHOUSB Magic Bridge

    I was bought the magic bridge for christmas and have just tried to use it for the first time. My system is running Vista 64bit. When I plug the device into a usb port on my pc it starts installing the device but then an error message comes up saying that it was unable to be installled. I havent connected a hard drive to the bridge at this stage. I then tried having a hard drive connected to the bridge before plugging into the usb but it still wont install.

    Any ideas welcome.


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    Re: SOHOUSB Magic Bridge

    Hello Gary,

    You will get more replies if you post this in the hardware section which can be found

    Hopefully a mod will move this if you for you as they are good like that

    Anyway, stick around and I hope you get your answers.
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    Re: SOHOUSB Magic Bridge

    Was just about to move it, but I see you have re-posted in hardware. So you don't get any replies here, I'll close this thread - but welcome to Hexus!

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