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Thread: Help!!!! £2,000 to spend on new system.

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    Help!!!! £2,000 to spend on new system.

    Hi All,

    I've been building PC's for a few years and have recently sold my AMD 4000+ system with 256MB Radeon X800 and 2GB DDR 3200.

    I am now looking to build a beast of a system but need your help guys! I have around £2,000 to spend but I'm not too sure which route to take. I was initially looking at an AMD 60-FX, 2 x 7900GTX and a load of DDR; however I have noticed the AM2 CPU's which are compatible with DDR2. Plus the forthcoming 1GB 7900GTX! So in short I have no idea what to invest in so please HELP!!! It'd be really handy if you could let me know what your dream rig would be and I'll update you all with how I get on.



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    hey man !!

    go with DDR2 since thats the way the market is moving now, so go for

    AM2 an fx-62,

    2x1Gb muskin DDR2

    2x250 sata 2 desktar t7k250

    700w epslion PSU

    thermalright si 120 cooler with 12cm akasa amber fan

    lian li pc1000, silverstone tj07

    X-fi sound card

    NEC dvd rw

    2x x1900xtx or 2x 7900gtx

    20inch viewsonic monitor

    5.1 logitech speakers

    would be my idea of a dream pc right now

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