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Thread: PW5D2 premium motherboard probs.

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    Question PW5D2 premium motherboard probs.

    PW5D2 premium motherboard.
    Just built a new computer but having serious problems with getting the motherboard to load my hard drive with windows xp home this is what happens.
    Boots up bios,then checks for ide,s, finds my cd rom ,dvd writer and hard drive then brings up windows message " had to close windows" then you get the 4 options, safe mode ect,ect,ect then shuts down and resets all over again, this continues over and over again.
    Went into bios and in the main window there is nothing there that has been found no hard drive, cd rom,or dvd, brings up a list -primary ide not detected,slave ide not detected ect ect. Sometimes get a window that says which boot device would you like to use select my hard drive then starts all over again. Been on the web and apparently there is alot of people who are having the same problems with this motherboard. Any help to sort this out would be great if not will send it back and buy another brand of motherboard.


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    Hi try posting in the HEXUS.HardStuff forums. You will get more response there.

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