This is a copy of some posts I've made in the abit USA forum... abit tech support suggested I post here as they monitor these board and not the US ones.

The Spec
Abit Fatality FP-IN9-SLi Motherboard (BIOS revision 12)
Core2Duo E6600
2Gb Geil DDR2-800
nVidia 7900GS
Audigy 2 (I really should upgrade that...)
Belkin wireless NIC
Zalman CNPS9700-NT
1x IDE HDs
1x DVD drive
1x DVD writer
Microsoft MCE remote control

Tried on both Windows XP Pro SP2 and Windows Vista Ultimate

The Problem
For some reason I seem to have built a PC which doesn't like resuming from sleep mode. The PC shuts down well enough into S3; fans stop, HDs spin down, computer switches off... all good. If I then resume the PC, either by hitting the power button or using the remote, it seems to resume almost perfectly apart from the following two things:

1. CPU fan runs at full - damn thing sounds like it's about to start hovering off the floor!
2. Two-tone siren (and that thing is loud!) blares constantly. I'm guessing it thinks that the fans haven't kicked in, when in fact the opposite is true!

I'm running the latest BIOS revision and latest drivers for eveything.


Ok - I've just got off the phone from abit tech support - very helpful they were too. They asked me to install abit EQ form the CD so we could see what was causing the alarm. Did this and I soon as I rebooted I got the siren... not good!

Went into EQ and saw the alarms was caused by my DDR2 voltage being out of range (I'm running at 2.1v which is the recommended setting from Geil). I altered the limit in EQ to 2.11v and all is well. The siren has gone and I don't get it when I resume either... halfway there!

Unfortunately the CPU fan is still going to 100% on resume, the tech support guy agreed that this was more than likely a BIOS issue so has asked me to email all the details over to them. I'm about to do this now and would encourage everyone with the same problem to so the same. Email address is:

technical at abitcomputer dot co dot uk

For completeness, this is what I emailed over (with a bit of addtional info regarding CPU temp which I noticed as I was writing the mail):

Quote Originally Posted by $kunk

<specs ommitted for brievity>

The problem I have is that when resuming from sleep mode (S3), the CPU fan is defaulting to 100%, rather than the 50% it was at prior to the resume. The fan has an integrated PWM and so is controlled by the motherboard (i.e. it has four wires). I think the problem stems from the fact that when resuming, abit EQ (and presumable the BIOS also) is reported my CPU temperature incorrectly. According to abit EQ it’s now at 82C and hence the fan is at 100% trying to cool it down! This is completely incorrect... a utility I use called Core Temp ([included the URL here but I don't have enough posts on this board to include it here!]) shows both cores are actually running at 29 – 31C. Also, abit EQ DOES report the CPU temperature correctly before I put the machine into S3 sleep – i.e. the temperature abit EQ reports is the same as Core Temp is reporting.

I’d appreciate it if this could be looked into ASAP as it’s hampering by usage of an otherwise brilliant motherboard.
So - if anyone else has had a similar problem, please post here. Also I'd encourage you to email abit your details... the more cases they have the greater the chance they'll be able to pinpoint the problem.