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Thread: graphics card

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    graphics card

    hey!guys i am going to buy a graphics card how to choose the best that suits my system

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    Re: graphics card

    Quote Originally Posted by isropradeep View Post
    hey!guys i am going to buy a graphics card how to choose the best that suits my system
    It would help if we knew a few things before we could answer that question, otherwise you'll just get unhelpful answers like AMD R9 295X2 at £1100 (expected price IIRC).

    First, what system do you have? - CPU, PSU, RAM, monitor (size and resolution) etc....
    - You can add your system specs in your user profile so you won't have to post them whenever you have a technical question.

    Second, what do you intend to use the system for? - Games, Office, Photoshop, Youtube
    - If gaming, what games do you plan to play

    Third, how much are you planning to spend?

    Fourth, when do you want to buy it? If it's six months, ask again in six months.

    You might have been better off posting this in the graphics cards section of the PC Hardware and Components forums, but rather than post a new thread it might be better to ask an admin or moderator to move it for you.

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