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Thread: I finally switched...

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    I finally switched...

    Since I left the Amiga which was my first true computer love I have used and loved Windows and its many quirks right up until Windows 7 which I still believe is the best os ever released.

    I have loved building PCs and ill still maintain one but he simplicity of macs has proven too attractive. Macos only has to cater for a few different types of macs, windows literary millions so with macos things usually work with no issues. Plus macs are things you can fall in love with. I haven't liked a machine like this since my first Amiga 600 in 1992 (I'm 30 now). I only wish I had made the switch years ago.

    I purchased a 27" iMac and I'm sure an air or PowerBook will follow shortly. Utterly brilliant things.

    I'm in the RAF working in cyber security and I have become used to working with Linux so it's great to have unix like commands again.

    Only one question. Is MS Office the best office package for macs still? I thought I read it would no longer be produced some time back.

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    Re: I finally switched...

    Open Office, or its latest fork, Libre Office is a good (better than?) MS Word like compatible.

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