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Thread: Mac to PC data transfer

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    Mac to PC data transfer

    Time to demonstrate some ignorance and beg for some help.

    My dear gf needs to get some data from her Mac to her PC. I'll be carrying out the transfer so here are the basic details please help!!!

    1. The Mac is a PowerPC running a 275MHz 603e CPU.
    2. OS is Vn 8.6.
    3. There is an internal Zip drive in the Mac and I have access to parallel and USB Zip drives for the PC.
    4. There is no LAN connection in the Mac and it's not destined for network use. The cost of even a basic LAN card is laughably expensive for the Mac so it's a no go.
    5. Data is likely to be up to 2Gb of various Photoshop/Quark and Illustrator files.
    6. There is an ancient version of Virtual Windows (not currently sure which product it is) on the Mac if it's of use.

    I had hoped to pop the files on the Zip100 disks and simply copy the files onto the PC. However I've no idea how to swap file formats.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree and what should I specifically be carefull of?

    Ta in advance
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    Hmmm, I'm not really sure about Zip Drives... I know that yuo got disks in either mac or pc format. Whether the PC will read mac disks is unlikely, there is, I suppose a good chance that the Mac wil read pc formated disks. If so then stick the files on that and then stick in the pc. i will go and have a google and report back.
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