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Thread: Slow MacBook

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    Slow MacBook

    What is making my Mac (MacBook Pro, early 2015, sierra) slow?

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    Re: Slow MacBook

    Quote Originally Posted by Reny View Post
    What is making my Mac (MacBook Pro, early 2015, sierra) slow?
    Hey Reny,

    It could be a number of things. How much free space have you got on the drive? can find out by clicking on the apple logo then about this mac and under one of the tabs should be something like disc usage.
    Have you run disk first aid from disk utility to check the status of the drive?
    Do you normally shutdown or just shut the lid?
    Have you checked memory and disc usage in activity monitor to find out what might be using the recourses?

    What spec is it and what programs do you normally use?
    Do you have multiple virtual desks open?

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    Re: Slow MacBook

    Open up activity monitor and check to see how your resources are being used. Being a 2015 I’m guessing it has solid state storage so my bets are on low memory.

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