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Thread: Finder..Connect to Server & Keychain

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    Unhappy Finder..Connect to Server & Keychain

    Hi Everyone
    I have a little bit of an annoyance. The network I am connected to (at university) requires users to connect to the main server on campus through smb://, in order to connect to the internet (Its part of their network quota system). I have been perfectly able to connect fine through finder, connect to server, no problems, but on my Windows machine, I am using a .bat script which loads automatically each time I boot up, w/o having to do anything.

    I would like to know if there is any way to implement something similar on OSX, as it is a damn nuiscance having to type in the workgroup, username and p/w each time I want to use the net. I have tried using the keychain, but the help files are vague and ambigous. If anyone knows of a script which will allow me to connect each time I switch on, that would be great!

    EDIT: I have discovered that the username/password prompt does not appear if both are appended to the server address. For anyone else who has this problem give this a try..

    smb://username: password@serveraddress

    Now this can be placed into an AppleScript file.....

    tell application "Finder"
    set loginstring to "smb://username: password@serveraddress"
    mount volume loginstring
    end tell

    Save this AppleScript file to somewhere, then open System Prefs, Accounts. Select the Startup Items tab, and add + the AppleScript file.

    Apologies for this wasted thread, I hope it is useful information to someone
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    Nice one, hopefully as you say someone will find it when they need help.

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