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Thread: muppet drivers

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    I had what looked like a 100 year old woman driving a 20 year old metro pull out infront of me on the A4 about 100 yeards infront of me while i was doing 50, its a good thing that the other lane was empty otherwise their would have been trouble. IMHO old people are without a doubt the most dangerous drivers on the road. A 17 year old 2 times over the drink drive limit has reactions faster than a sober 70 year old.
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    Couldnt agree more with the above we live around a retirement area and their driving is beyond belief, they drive at 40 on a single carriageway but then stone me you come up to a roundabout and what do they do? - carry right on at 40 and not stop to look at all *bang*, they just seem to stick at one speed regardless and then not react to any hazards?

    The thing that annoys me is that by the time we get to their age we'll all be banned from driving or have to take hugely complicated tests every year in order to get an OAP license which will restrict us to 25cc engines

    I think it should be compulsory for all road drivers to take a theory test and a practical every 10 years it would soon stop ALOT of the rubbish driving Ive seen.

    Obviously my attitude comes from biking where I had to do a theory test after driving cars for 14 years but its a bit surprising how much you forget after a while.

    Edit - Ill just say though that Ive had more problems from the 50-60 yr old generation who have frankly a really bad attitude to everyone they seem to think they own the world and Ive lost count how many pull out in front of me or push their bonnet out so far I have to stop grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Quote Originally Posted by orgasmo
    I have to say that most people do leave it too late to put their lights on, but surely as automatic lights become more common place this will solve the issue (unless of course they dont make them sensative enough).

    PS: Lynni, i know the roads u took (im in skem, and im always in ormskirk). People in ormskirk simply cant drive, its just the rule. Non of them can judge an island or have a clue how to use lanes, lights are the least of their faults.
    We wasnt in ormskirk when it was a problem..... the horror of our journey started once we hit switch island and continued into liverpool.

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    I put my car on auto, it puts them on when it wants them but I can override if I chose to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowe
    Highway code says if you use your wipers (not intermittent) that you should at least put on your sidelights on too.
    If I remember correctly..

    it actually says that you should use "dipped headlamps" - so use your headlights, just not full beam.

    Personally I use headlamps most of the time - there's several countries out there that you have to anyway - and it makes you more visible to the other road users especially on motorways.

    In town though it's best to switch them off (unless of course it's dark) as you're taking more attention away from more vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclist (who rarely seem to use lights even when it's dark).

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