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Thread: Smart Motorways - what's your take?

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    Re: Smart Motorways - what's your take?

    Absolute waste of money, nothing smart about them. Outdated information slowing cautious drivers down. Sign says 40Mph even though I there was an accident ahead 4 hours ago. Variable speed limits with cameras = Easy way to make money on speeding tickets.

    UK roads really frustrate me, more traffic lights being put in. I live in Cambridge where we keep adding them to roundabouts, taken away almost every single give way junction and replaced with a light, changed all the speeds on main roads to 20Mph and adding bicycle green lights to our traffic lights. As a regular biker and driver the experience for both forms of transport suck.

    Don't get me started on roadworks here in UK

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    Re: Smart Motorways - what's your take?

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