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Thread: What Sat Nav system

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    I've installed the database off myself - and thus my TomTom Go 500 payed for itself within 1 month of using it...

    Belting down the M4, outside lane, when I come accross one of those Novas - you know the ones - wheels so wide you could balance a house on them and an exhaust you could lose an arm in. He's doing 78 (flat out I think) and refuses to move over.

    So there I am - getting quite frustrated, when the GPS suddenly speaks out "Gatso". I ease down and watch him fly through and get the old double flash

    Made me happy
    Now go away before I taunt you a second time.

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    Tom Tom seems to be the rage at the moment. When I had the Boxster I bought a Navman iCN630 and it wasn't that good. Not sure what current Navmans are like but I wasn't overly impressed with the older versions.

    One thing to check if fitting a portable satnav is that you don't have heat-insulating windows (these are common on Renaults for example) as these tend to block the GPS signals. I think that the latest Tom Tom models have more sensitive receivers to overcome this problem so that you don't need to use an external aerial.

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