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Thread: Removing case scratches....

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    Lightbulb Removing case scratches....

    Hi all

    For those of you that know me you will know that I’m a fanatic about having a tidy, good looking system.

    A few days ago I went to a LAN party, when I got back the side of m lovely Black Cheiftech Dragon had developed a load a scratches. Extremely annoyed at this I decided to remove these scratches. Please note this guide works on the following scratches:

    - Small, short and fine
    - Small, long and fine
    - Semi deep

    It will not work on really deep cuts.

    What you will need:

    - Fine paint brush
    - Water
    - Tissue paper
    - Damp cloth
    - Case base colour (plus Black and White paint). I recommend the “Warhammer Paints”. I used Skull White and Chaos Black. The black and white are used to alter the shade and texture of the base colour so that it matches your case colour

    1 – With your base colour, mix a small amount on a surface (I used an old kitchen tile), then proceed to add the black and white VERY slowly mixing well, keep doing this until the colour matches your case (or as near as you can get)

    2 – add a SMALL amount of water to the paint, this makes it easier to apply and helps the paint run into the “scratches”

    3 – Now, slowly paint a fine line of the colour to the scratch… do this to all the scratches on the case.

    4 – wait about 5minutes until its almost dry, then use the damp cloth and just wipe the case, don’t apply to much pressure otherwise you will wipe the paint away in the scratches. Leave the case for another 5minutes

    That’s it! Your case will look almost as good as new. The paint only remains in the scratches and once dry you will hardly be able to tell the difference!

    Happy painting;


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    nice guide... but we need Before and after pics PAH!!

    *Disclaimer* - The contents of this message are not necessarily my own opinions,thoughts or views... they may belong to the voices in my head!

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