Hi fella's ive decided on the wc kit im going to buy, the radiator will be a dtek pro heatercore dimensions of which are

6"W x 7.25"H X 2"Thick

now im going to have the radiator external either mounted somewhere on my case or more preferably in a small rad box.

what id like to do is have the rad on its own in a small rad box with two 120 mm fans one on each side with just the barbs protuding pit the top. this could be done with or without shroubs attached to the rad
shroud dimensions :

1 3/8" X 6" x 5 7/8"

this would make the rad 4.75" thick plus two 120mm fans which would be 38mm each giving a rough total of a rad box being:

18cm high 15cm wide and around 20cm deep

anyone any ideas how to make such a thing, design suggestions, materials, the easier the better really as im a bit cack handed

also if its easier without the extra size created by the shrouds im all ears