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Satay Sauce for Chicken or Pork

A small onion.
1 tablespoon dark Soy sauce.
2 teaspoons soft brown sugar
4oz Crunchy peanut butter
1" Slice creamed coconut
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Half to two teaspoons chilli powder, depending on taste.
Quarter pint water, or as needed.
Veg oil for frying.

Chop onion finely & fry in oil til soft.
Mix in chilli powder, brown sugar & peanut butter.
Stir it up over low heat, gradually add water, stirring.
Add creamed coconut, stirring while it dissolves.
Heat gently for five minutes or so, stirring frequently.
It'll be very thick by this stage, so add more water if you think it's necessary.
Stir in the Soy sauce and lemon juice, simmer for a minute.
It be done.

Serve it with either 600g cubed tenderloin pork, marinated in two tablespoons of Dark Soy Sauce and two tablespoons water for an hour or so (for stronger flavour make it three tablespoons of each), stir-fried.

Can also use four cubed chicken breasts instead of pork.

Veggies can use marinated Quorn or Tofu pieces instead of meat, it actually comes out quite good.

To accompany: Noodles or rice.