Sent in by Brucelles:

Chicken in Vinegar

This is one of those ‘killer’ dishes that tastes wonderful and original but is a piece of cake to get right. I serve it to impress, but to be honest a blind fool could make it.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

* 1.5 Kg chicken pieces or 4 chicken breasts if you prefer
* 2 oz Ghee or vegetable oil (Ghee is best)
* 100g shallots finely sliced
* 150ml white wine vinegar
* 1 bouquet garni (or a good pinch of mixed Mediterranean herbs)
* 100ml dry white wine
* 150 ml chicken stock
* Buerre manié (25g butter mashed with 10g flour with a fork)
* Salt and pepper to taste


1. If using chicken breasts cut them each into three large chunks.
2. Season the chicken pieces, then melt the ghee or oil and fry the pieces on all sides for 7-8 minutes until golden. Add the shallots, cook for one minute then pour in the vinegar. Add the bouquet garni or herbs then cover the pan and cook over a gentle heat for 10 minutes.
3. Remove the chicken pieces from the pan, except for thighs, which will need another 5 minutes. Keep warm while you make the sauce.
4. Pour the white wine into the pan and cook to reduce by one-third stirring occasionally. Add the stock and then whisk in the to thicken the sauce. If it seems too thick add a little more stock or water. Season if necessary.
5. Arrange the chicken pieces on a plate and then pour over the sauce and serve.

I recommend to accompany with boiled new potatoes or mashed potatoes, but can also serve with pasta or rice.

Tip: if the sauce seems inadequate you can top it up with more water or stick with a little wine and vinegar. Thicken the sauce with more buerre manié. The sauce is the whole point of this recipe, so don’t stint on it.

If you decide to make it for two, just leave the sauce ingredients the way they are and halve the amount of chicken