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Thread: Viking : Battle for Asgard help!!

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    Viking : Battle for Asgard help!!

    This may contain a few spoilers

    I'm on the 2nd island and have done everything but manage to get the second part of the dragon gem Mugin which I then have to take to the mercenaries. I'm trying to pick my way stealth like through Caldberg but seem to be going round in circles once getting into the city. Then end up getting swamped and killed so back to the start.

    Anyone know a way through the city with as little conflict as possible as its starting to do my nut. I manage to get to the square where there are loads of legion near the icon on the map for the city itself but just can't seem to find a way past and towards where I need to be.

    EDIT : Typical, as soon as I post up on here I manage to do it!!!!!

    Loving this game. Yeah a lot of it is very much same old continuously but the landscapes are excellent and the huge battles are some of the best ever outside an RTS. Picked it up 2 for £30 from Game last Friday (Got MoH Airborne also) and have to admit I wouldn't have paid full price for it but with that offer it is well worth it.
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    Re: Viking : Battle for Asgard help!!

    borrowed it from a mate, really enjoyed playing it - managed to get all 1000 pts too.
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