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Thread: PS3 media center-y type stuff

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    PS3 media center-y type stuff

    Planning to get a PS3 with playTV sometime soon-ish and I was wondering if it was possible to feed any other form of video input to the PS3, e.g. from a cable tv box or some sort of standard s-video, scart, etc so that the PS3 could record off other source inputs?

    ...perhaps some USB video input receiver of some sort?

    figured I might also have to swap out the hard drive to hold all the media it'll be in charge of handling unless it can read/record from/to a network share drive on a pc etc?

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    Re: PS3 media center-y type stuff

    PS3 has build in DLNA server so it can play from it but not sure about recording...

    Why you want to PS3 to record video anyway? Might be complicated tho...

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