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Thread: Are you going to buy Resistance Fall of Man 2? Then look here

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    Are you going to buy Resistance Fall of Man 2? Then look here


    I want to make a little proposal to you all that will help us get a nice little deal and some money off a future purchase.

    At the moment have a nice price of £32.99 + a £3 voucher for preordering. They also use a "recommend to a friend" system which will net you £1 off your next purchase with them.

    So I'm making this thread in the hope some people want to preorder Resistance Fall of Man 2 at a good price and should net yourself £4 off your next purchase at sometimes have some fantastic prices already before extra money off too.

    We need to exchange emails with each other to get the £1 credited (email you will use to buy the game with ONLY or it won't work).

    It only works with 1 recommendation to 1 person e.g. If 2 people recommend the game to 1 person the person who was faster at recommending will get the £1 the slower person will get nothing.

    Lets try to keep this fair and avoid one person money stacking. I have to ask that you post in this topic and that we not deal this in private messaging to avoid anyone who attempts to hustle people.
    Announce the person you want to link with and send your email address in private BUT NOTHING MORE. Also announce when you have received their recommendation.
    I would recommend you report anyone who attempts to deal with you in private.

    For those who have never used before I can only offer you my personal experience. I have preordered from in the past and they have been very fast (getting me the item on release day or in FarCry 2's case a few days before release day).
    The way you preorder from can be a little strange at first, basically when you have logged in and hit the preorder button that should be it. No view basket, no checkout process etc. Look on your right on the screen and you should find the game is under "your pre orders".

    So at the moment I'm looking for one person to exchange emails with.

    Perhaps if this goes well and have a great deal on something else in the future we can run this sort of thing again.
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