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Thread: PS3 Mouse and Keyboard convertor for CoD4 pls

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    PS3 Mouse and Keyboard convertor for CoD4 pls

    Lo people,

    A mate needs a mouse and keyboard for PS3 cos he's worse with a controller than I am ... and I am bloody dire. So either a convertor for his current USB mouse and keyboard OR a whole set,.,, and are some of them bluetooth?

    Links for such devices would be cool... cheers

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    Re: PS3 Mouse and Keyboard convertor for CoD4 pls

    USB stuff normally just works in a PS3, but its more a case of whether a game's been written with support for it.

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    Re: PS3 Mouse and Keyboard convertor for CoD4 pls

    Hi, it's already been said that its down to the game developer to add support for mouse and keyboard, much in the way that epic done it for UT, MW2 has no support so the other alt's are the FragFX from splitfish

    I use this and it's very effective, i've actually got the bog standard fragfx and it takes a little time to get used to but does work very well, the only niggle i have is there's no click on the mouse button when you shoot, which you get used to.
    The fragfx pro looks like they've ironed out the niggles. My wired version was about £40 of ebay but i reckon the new pro version is about £60.

    I was trying The Pit on spec ops mode in MW2 and couldnt get 3 stars with the conroller but did with the fragfx, was playing multiplayer with it and apart from the dire matchmaking system and getting put up against rank 50's it worked well.

    Then there is the xfps mouse and keyboard adapter

    This is a bit more pricey and you basically map all your controller buttons to the keyboard, the reviews are mixed so have a good read around before you buy.

    hope this helps.

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    Re: PS3 Mouse and Keyboard convertor for CoD4 pls

    Agreed with gtech, FragFX is very good with MW2.

    I have the v2, but also hear good things about a wireless alternative called the FragnStein by Bannco.

    Worth a look if you really like the game.

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