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Thread: Black ops Cant find match!?!?!

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    Black ops Cant find match!?!?!

    Hi guys, im pretty new to the XBOX but i got one a few weeks ago and just got the new COD. I have had no problem playing Halo reach online but just cant seem to connect to any COD online games. I went in through a XBOX live party with a friend and it worked for a bit but any other time i just have no luck. It says "Error, no available sessions were found. Please try your search again" it says im online but i just cant connect to anything. am i missing something??

    Thanks Rich
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    Re: Black ops Cant find match!?!?!

    Maybe you need to change your NAT? when you are trying to enter a session, you can see what your NAT status is. it is best if its open. if your NAT type is moderate, or even something lower, you need to open your NAT. this can be done in your router configurations. to enter your router configurations, you need to go to your internet browser, type in your IP address (this can be found by: Start -> run -> type in cmd -> type in the black window: ipconfig /all -> and then it stands somewhere in the middle) if you type in your ip, it may ask for a password, thats a password you or someone else in the house created. it can also be the password that stand on the router itself, or in its manual. when you have entered your password, (!this is different for the type of router you have!) you must give your XBOX an internal IP (look it up on google if you need any help, or you can go to ) and activate port triggering or forwarding (depending on the sophistication of your device) to send information to designated ports on your XBOX.

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